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ホームSEB presents/BEST他$ SUPER EUROBEAT presents 頭文字D Dream Collection (EYCA-12185) 【2CD】 Y2

$ SUPER EUROBEAT presents 頭文字D Dream Collection (EYCA-12185) 【2CD】 Y2

販売価格: 5,800円(税別)
(税込: 6,380円)
SUPER EUROBEAT presents 頭文字D Dream Collection (EYCA-12185)
【2CD】 発送は2019/1/11発売後です。
AVCD-10249 ¥3,600 (tax in.) 税抜き3333円 2019.1.11ON SALE 収録情報 《2枚組》


No. title artist
1 Space Boy 2018 Dave Rodgers
2 Remember Me Leslie Parrish
3 Shy Boy Miss Helly
4 Grand Prix Mega Nrg Man
5 Let Me Be Your Love Niki Niki
6 Too Young To Fall In Love Dejo
7 Spacelove Fastway
8 Someone Precious Dolores
9 Big Boy Manuel
10 Gold Night Dave Rodgers feat. Eurobeat Union
11 Go Go Go Baby Go King & Queen
12 Space Jam Arena 69
13 Love Killer Nando
14 Burning Lover Leila
15 Don't Stop Me Matt Land
16 Supertonic Lady Mega Nrg Man
17 Tokyo Race Doctor Bazooka & The Speed McQueens
18 I Love To Dance Nikita Jr.
19 Midnight Lover Dusty
20 State Of The Nation Dr. Love
21 Dedicated To The Moon Helena
22 Go Go Money Neo
23 I Wanna Take A Chance Dusty
24 Sun In The Rain Manuel
25 You Better Call Me Lolita
26 The Top Ken Blast
27 Looking For Lovers Ducky Chix
28 Crazy Little Love Nuage
29 Water In The Gas P. Stone
30 Wild Boy Bad Love Joe Banana

No. title artist
1 Get Me Power Mega Nrg Man
2 Feel My Body And My Soul Leslie Hammond
3 Deja Vu 2018 (1:04 Mix) Dave Rodgers
4 Hai Hai Hai (Dance Across The Nations) Marko Polo
5 Gettin' You Gettin' Me J.Storm
6 Emotional Fire Denise
7 Walking Around The Town Go Go Girls
8 I Need Your Love Dave Simon
9 Don't Let Me Down Time Force
10 Restless And Wild D. Essex
11 Doctor Love Dr.Love
12 Love Is In Danger Priscilla
13 Ride On Fire Nick Turbo
14 Walky Talky Doki Doki Mika-La-Do
15 Ready Steady Go! Manuel
16 In The Line Of Fire Matt Land
17 High On Devotion Lisa Bee
18 Let's Go, Come On Manuel
19 Listen To My Heart Lolita
20 Fly In The Sky Karen
21 My Gasoline Daniel
22 Fast Food Bikers Garcon
23 Race Gun & Cows Jeff Driller
24 Rider Of The Sky Ace
25 Upside Down Queen 26
26 Chemical Love Kevin & Cherry
27 Full Metal Cars Daniel
28 Go Racin' Go! Fastway
29 Passport To Dance Eurodudes
30 1 Fire Dave Rodgers

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