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ホームPsychedelic(国内盤)Various / The Gathering 2006 (DVD) ラスト

Various / The Gathering 2006 (DVD) ラスト

販売価格: 4,930円 (税別)
(税込価格: 5,423円)
Label:Vision Quest
Format:DVD, DVD-Video, NTSC

Released:22 Dec 2006

Tracklist DVD.1 Vision Quest - The Gathering 2006

Featuring [Dj Set] – Ami, Cyrus The Virus, Dominic (13), Roger Jordan, Sasha (16)
Featuring [Live Set] – Alternative Control, Astrix, Dali (2), Delirious, Dino Psaras, Domestic, Infected Mushroom, Melicia, Pixel, Psycraft, Sun Project*, Shanti, Void (2)
DVD containing clips from The Vision Quest Gathering 2006 in Japan.

Live Performance:

1. Alternative Control (Vision Quest, Serbia)
2. Astrix (HOM-Mega Productions, Israel)
3. Dali (Hommega Productions, Israel)
4. Delirious (Hommega Productions, Israel)
5. Dino Psaras (Vision Quest, U.K.)
6. Domestic (HOM-Mega Productions, Israel)
7. Infected Mushroom (BNE Records, Israel)
8. Melicia (Phonokol Records, Israel)
9. Pixel (HOM-Mega Productions, Israel)
10. Psycraft (HOM-Mega Productions, Israel)
11. Shanti (Vision Quest, Ibiza)
12. Skazi (Chemical Crew, Israel)
13. Sun Project (Vision Quest, Germany)
14. Void (Chemical Crew, Israel)

DJ Set:

1. Ami (Vision Quest, Japan)
2. Cyrus The Virus (Vision Quest, Netherlands)
3. Dominic (Intechill Records, Germany)
4. Roger Jordan (Transit, Brazil)
5. Sasha (Transit, Brazil)
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