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ホームTECHNO(1990-2003)テクノ系【CD】サイト・・・*2009登録スタートVarious / Experience - Psy-Harmonics Volume 5 【CD】

Various / Experience - Psy-Harmonics Volume 5 【CD】

販売価格: 2,500円(税別)
(税込: 2,750円)
Various / Experience - Psy-Harmonics Volume 5 【CD】
Label: Psy-Harmonics
Catalog#: PSY-046
Format: 2 x CD, Compilation

Country: Australia
Released: 2001
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno, Experimental

1-01 Testeagles Like No Other (Psy Harmonics Mix)
1-02 Society Droid Absence Makes The Flowers Grow Wilder !
1-03 Ito (5) Nurokic
1-04 Battery Cheese Girl Battery Cheese Girl
1-05 Snog Slide Into Extinction
1-06 Christine 23 Onna Hypnosis
1-07 Antediluvian Rocking Horse Da Danger
1-08 Choufu Dark Ducks Kokowa Doko
1-09 Hesius Dome Cosmodrome
1-10 Ad Astra Paris Texas , Mars
1-11 Rip Van Hippy Metaworld
1-12 Spies Nine (Not For These Technologies Remix)
2-01 Joujouka Tokio Drome (Live At The Liquid Room)
2-02 Ad Astra Contact
2-03 Shaolin Wooden Men Angel Mutator
2-04 Visitors, The (2) Let Me Out
2-05 AOA New Born Life Physical Harmonic Reaction
2-06 Grey Area Negative Ions
2-07 Soft Art Farmer (Artman Remix)
2-08 Makoto Gimmi Shelter (Eye Remix)
2-09 EYE* 777
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